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Why use Naturale Feed Supplement Omega-3? | Omega-3 claims

Why use Naturale Feed Supplement Omega-3?

Firstly let us examine the conventional means of omega-3 consumer foods fortification. This will help us understand how naturally fortified omega-3 milk is superior in delivering the health goodness of omega-3 to consumers.

Fish Oil & Fish Oil Concentrates

Fish oil is the major source of omega-3 in fortifying foods, and accounts for 85% of the omega-3 food fortification market. Here, fish oil is typically sourced from anchovies, sardines, mackerel, herring, menhaden, and other fish species. The typical DHA:EPA ratio is 12:18. Such fish oils are the dominant omega-3 source in softgel capsule Omega-3/Fish Oil supplements. A minor portion of the fish oil is sourced from tuna. Some tuna species have naturally high DHA levels, i.e, 25:5 DHA:EPA which closely matches human breast milk  (DHA:EPA ratio 4.2:1) designed by nature for optimal infant growth and development. Such prized tuna oil is used mainly in fortifying infant formula.

Fish oil concentrates are fish oil that has undergone fractionisation to boost their concentration of DHA and/or EPA This is to facilitate high levels of omega-3 incorporation in foods so as to qualify labelling claims.

Algal Oil

Algal oil contains highly concentrated DHA and no EPA. It is purely DHA manufactured by the fermentation of algae by specific bacteria which is then refined to remove impurities and chemical by-products. It accounts for a mere 3% of the omega-3 fortified food market because it is relatively expensive compared to fish oils and possess similar processing challenges in high levels of DHA fortification with taste and fishy odour.

Plant Oils

Flaxseed is the largest source of plant derived Omega-3 accounting for ca.15% of the omega-3 in food fortification. It is the cheapest source of Omega-3 but contains insignificant amounts of DHA and EPA, containing predominantly instead  ALA, a shorter chain Omega-3, which the human body must convert to EPA and then DHA to be effective. The body’s conversion from ALA to DHA is relatively inefficient.

Compared to the above conventional means of fortifying foods with Omega-3. - Naturale’s naturally fortified animal feeds are a superior method as they provide multiple benefits in one product. For example, not only does the high omega 3 product incorporate a balanced level of all marine and plant based omega 3 fatty acids into the milk, it also reduces the level of unhealthy saturated fats replacing these with healthy unsaturated fats.

The Naturale Stock feed supplements are a cost-efficient way of delivering naturally high omega 3s fortified milk to consumers.

Naturally fortified meat with elevated omega-3s and lower saturated fat

In addition to producing milk with high omega-3 levels and low saturated fat levels, it is possible to customise the stock feed supplement to enable similar benefits in meat when fed to beef cattle.