Why use Naturale Feed Supplement Omega-3? | Omega-3 claims

Naturale Stockfeed Supplements

Naturale is able to provide stockfeed supplements that, when fed to dairy and beef cattle, enable the production of milk and meat with the following naturally occurring health benefits:

  • Milk highly enriched with individual or combination of omega-3s (DHA, EPA, DPA & ALA) This milk contains 10-15% less saturated fat, replaced with unsaturated fats.
  • Milk that contains up to 25% less saturated fat. The saturated fat is replaced with healthier polyunsaturated fats.
  • Milk with a combination of high (healthy) omega-3s and high level of low saturated fat.
  • Meat that contain an elevated omega-3s and lower saturated fat.

The natural fortification technology was developed and extensively trialled by Australia’s premier research institution, the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization).

Fortification through animal feeds to produce naturally fortified milk and meat is both natural and has an added advantage of improving the health of the animals while contributing to better health for humans. A parallel to this approach - successfully engaged in the poultry and aquaculture industries – has been in the production of naturally fortified omega-3 eggs and fish. 

Fortification through animal feed provides a distinct advantage in overcoming processing, taste and flavour (oxidation) challenges, particularly omega-3 where fish odour and rancidity becomes an issue at high and sometimes low levels of artificial fortification.

Naturale’s product permits natural production of highly fortified DHA omega-3 milk without the fishy flavour and odour associated with high levels of DHA or fish oil fortification.

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